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Accelerate your growth with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance!!!!

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance has a pan-India presence of office network in over 876 towns of the country and is aided with a strong and trained Agency network of over 2,50,000 Insurance Consultants with 875 MRDT qualifiers in the calendar year 2006-07

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance has also forged strong Bancassurance and Corporate Agency relationships and continues to build on new tie-ups for fast track growth and deep market penetration

With such high penetration Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance has more than 4 million customers who have put their faith and investment into the fastest growing life insurance company in India

Speed and growth are the mantras of our success. Our Team is young, energetic and motivated with a passion to excel

We believe in nurturing talent and encouraging high achievers to achieve even more. Our work culture is performance driven and open to new ideas and suggestions from all Team Members

If you are looking for exciting career opportunities, take a look at what we have to offer. We are sure you will find a career opening that matches your interests and skill sets. Join us and be a part of the team that is creating history.

Why Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance?

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited is a Union between Allianz SE, one of the world’s largest Life Insurance companies and Bajaj Auto, one of the biggest 2- &- 3 wheeler manufacturers in the world

Allianz SE is a leading insurance conglomerate globally and one of the largest asset managers in the world, managing assets worth over a Trillion Euros (Over R. 55,00,000 crores).

Allianz SE has over 115 years of financial experience in over 70 countries.

At Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance customer delight is our guiding principle. Ensuring world-class solutions by offering customized products with transparent benefits, supported by best technology is our business philosophy.

Bajaj Auto is one of the most trusted name is Indian auto for over 55 years and have sold over 50,00,000 policies to satisfied customers

Accelerated Growth

Shareholder capital base of Rs 700 cr.


By government estimates, India has on amorphous middle class of about 312 million people who can afford/really need to have life with health, stability, security and pension benefits.

Out of 312 million people in India only 22% have insurance.

78% or 243.36 million people have no insurance cover or more than Rs. 1450 Billion Insurance Premium market is untouched.

Company is planning to recruit hundreds of sales workers in the coming days. Our compensation plan is the most advanced and powerful plan in the insurance marketing industry.

There is no other program that in even comes close. You can excel to new height if you believe in yourself and set high goals and targets.

The TLC is the next generation of financial vehicles to help put you on the road forward financial independence.

It rewards you with Recognition, Social Circle, Personality Development and Wealth. Nothing can stop you to achieve what you want in this system. The real window of opportunity has just opened.

The TLC offer you a point of entry that will multiply your short-term efforts into long-term rewards. Some work as concept just feel so right choosing a new style of job that dedicate your energy to is an important decision you want to find a company that shares your passion, your interest and your ideology.

Our group creates and strengthens the network of millions of dynamic sales force. TLC provides services and sell insurance through our Co-Ordinators.

Ur interest towrads this nation is to get every citizen to be insured and ensure financial security.

By offering unlimited earning potential regardless of background or experience.

By providing one of the best earning plans in this profession.

By helping every one of us work independently towards financial independence.


According to sources, in India only 2.5% of population are insured and 97.5% of population have not insured and about Rs.15,000/- crores insurance premium are untapped. So become TLC co-ordinator and join with us to make a financially secured Society


We have income plan for every one:

Gateway to TLC Co-ordinator Take Policy of Rs.5000/- for half-yearly premium ie cug plan in bajaj allianz life insurance .

Along with Rs.500/- towards Business Sales Kit, E-commerce, Handling charges.

DD favouring M/s TLC Insurance (India) Pvt. Ltd., payable at Salem or Bangalore.

Who is a TLC Co-ordinator:

A TLC co-ordinator is responsible for sourcing and generating leads for and on behalf of TLC, thus getting entitled for incentives and start earning!

Referral Incentive: 1st Premium Sponsor a pair and Tail and get Rs.600 for each pair Maximum payout is Rs.50,000/- for 15 days.

Direct Referral Incentive: If you refer more than two co-ordinators you get Rs. 200/- for each person. The incentive is released only after the sponsorer(A) is eligigle to get first pair incentive. This incentive amount is deducted from the sponsorer(A)'s incentive.

Marshal Incentive -I: 2nd Premium for renewal of every pair you get Rs.250 for each pair Maximum payout is Rs.25,000/- for 15 days.

Marshal Incentive -II: 3rd Premium for renewal of every pair you get Rs.250 for each pair Maximum payout is Rs.25,000/- for 15 days

Life Incentive: 4th Premium onwards for renewal of every pair you get Rs.100 for each pair Maximum payout is Rs.12,500/- for 15 days.

Tour Package: Eligibility: 100 pairs Tour trip to Andhaman Islands 6days, 5nights or foreign tour

Car Fund: Eligibility: 350 pairs Rs. 75,000/- Initial payment will be awarded Next month onwards you will get 2.5% incentive of your team premium.

Pension Plan: Eligibility: After achieving car/house fund you should care two more car/house fund achivers by various two legs. You will get pension plan of Policy worth Rs. 1,00,000/-

Royalty/Director Incentive: Eligibility: After achieving pension plan you should create two more pension achievers by various two legs. 10% of the net profit sharing of the company